Philmont 2021

Troop 192 12 day trek, Itinerary 12-3, June 11-23, 10 scouts, 4 adults (photos by J. McDonald and A. McDonald)

Thursday, June 10 – We took a 6:25a Southwest Airlines flight out of the Columbus airport and arrived at the Denver Airport at 7:25a. We rented a 12-passenger van and stopped at the Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak near Colorado Springs, a little over an hour from the Denver Airport. We then drove as far as we could up Pike’s Peak, the 31st highest mountain in Colorado. The last 4 miles up Pikes Peak were closed due to construction. At mile 16 (of 20), we got out and climbed up some rocks for a view at 12,780′ elevation. We then had a 3 1/2 hour drive to Cimarron, New Mexico, where we stayed at the St. James Hotel, not far from Philmont Scout Ranch. The St. James Hotel has been a landmark along the historic Santa Fe Trail for more than 140 years.

Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak in the background

Friday, June 11 – We had breakfast at the St. James Hotel and took the short 4 mile drive to the Philmont Scout Ranch. We met our Ranger, Ethan, were assigned tents at Base Camp and took our group photo with the Tooth of Time in the background. We were given corn dogs for lunch. We checked out our equipment (tents, pots, cooking utensils) and got our meals for 3 days. Meals were in bags of 2 meals each labeled Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner and the corresponding day. We went over scheduling and did our health screens at the infirmary. Ethan went over a lot of first aid with us. We did not care for the bean burritos we got for dinner. We then went to a religious service and Ethan went over the equipment we should take.