Philmont, New Mexico, 2019

June 5, Wednesday, Leaving CCPC


June 7, Friday, National Scouting Museum at Philmont


June 8, Saturday, 2 Crews Together


June 9, Sunday


June 10, Monday


June 12, Burro Packing at Pontil Ranch.  Hiking to Elkhorn


June 13, Morning at Elkhorn.  Off to Ute Meadows with a short stop in Miranda to say farewell to Doc and Burracho the Burros.


June 14, Going up Mount Baldy


June 16, Sunday, Span pole climbing at Pueblano.  Logger baseball and campfire at Pueblano.  Mining at French Henry.


June 19, Wednesday, Rich Cabins.  Metcalf Station


June 20, Thursday, Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX